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Northwestern University Press publishes these highly acclaimed volumes of the latest research and methodology in Holocaust Studies. Here is what authorities in the field say of the titles:

“This is an outstanding series on two levels: on the one hand these volumes assemble some of the most interesting and creative scholarship by leading specialists; on the other, they are an indispensible record of the evolution of the field, charting the growth of understanding, the refinement of interpretations, and the ever deeper appreciation of the place of this catastrophe in the history of our times.”
Michael Marrus, Chancellor Rose and Ray Wolfe Professor of Holocaust Studies at the University of Toronto


“Northwestern University Press contributes immensely to Holocaust education and scholarship through its publication of these distinguished volumes. Increasingly, the Lessons and Legacies conferences are becoming known as a leading source of cutting-edge research. I have used the Lessons and Legacies books in my teaching and regard the articles as fundamental sources for my students and as required reading for myself.”
-John Roth, Russell K. Pitzer Professor of Philosophy at Claremont McKenna College

For additional information on the series and where to purchase these volumes, please see the Lessons and Legacies: Volumes page.