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Jews and Justice in Communist Poland in the Immediate Aftermath of the Holocaust

Friday, May 26, 2017 at 2:00 PM, Rock Room (Norris University Center 207)

Jewish honor courtsIn the aftermath of the Holocaust, survivors and Jews the world over were anxious to see Nazis and their accomplices put on trial for their crimes. Poland’s surviving Jewish remnant played a particularly active role in the effort to bring Nazis and Nazi collaborators before the bar of justice. This lecture by Prof. Gabriel Finder (University of Virginia), examines various ways in which Polish Jews participated in the pursuit of justice for the victims of Nazi-era crimes. Although Jews operated within constraints, not least of which were those brought to bear by Poland’s communist regime, they were resolved to become agents in the legal response to the Holocaust.

This lecture is presented by the Department of German and the Holocaust Educational Foundation of Northwestern University. The talk will be followed by a reception.