Teaching Grants

The Holocaust Educational Foundation is dedicated to spreading and strengthening Holocaust studies at institutions of higher education. To that end the Foundation invites applications for financial assistance in either launching a new course related to the Holocaust or improving institutional resources to support such a course.  In the past the Foundation has extended grants to fund educational training to enhance preparation for a course, for example, travel costs for faculty to visit Holocaust sites in Europe or to participate in pedagogically oriented programs.  We also provide matching grants to fund the acquisition of new university/college library materials that would support teaching about the Holocaust.  The Foundation especially welcomes applications from institutions and departments that do not currently offer courses focused on the Holocaust.  For a new course to be eligible for a teaching grant, the course must count toward a degree at an accredited, non-profit institution of higher education. For a list of 2014-2015 Teaching Grant Recipients, click here; to see the 2015-2016 recipients, click here.

We review funding proposals twice a year. To apply for funding for a course in summer or fall of the following year, application materials must be received by December 1.  To apply for funding for a spring course in the following year, materials must be received by June 1.

To apply, please submit the following materials using the online form:

(1) proposal of up to 5 pages

(2) a preliminary syllabus for the proposed course

(3) a CV for each instructor involved in the course

(4) a letter of support from your department chair or supervising administrator (emailed separately to hef@northwestern.edu)

(5) a budget for the project.

In the past the teaching grant has provided support from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per project.  In certain cases the Foundation will consider larger requests.  Our grants are intended to support the creation of new courses, not the development of textbooks or electronic materials that would be later sold. The Foundation is a facilitating organization; it does not prescribe curricula or content.  We require a report at the end of the grant period, including the syllabus for any course that has been created with our support.